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About Us

The name Lea Pearl comes from my paternal grandmother Leaster and my maternal grandmother Pearl.  It's important for me to pay homage to the strong woman who created a strong legacy.

The Lea Pearl Group, Inc is CREATIVE & PASSIONATE in all that we do.  Art is not just pencil to paper to draw a concept. It's knowing who you are, honing your talent, and sharing it with the world - using your creativity and passion to make a difference.

Our PURPOSE is to work with small business owners in the successful development of a consistent, creative and unique brand, which could be marketable to their target audience. To develop a marketing and event schedule plan to increase company awareness in the industry and the community.

Here are a few guidelines I like to follow:

1) Enjoy Life

2) Think big but start small - find a focus & plan around it always with your goal in mind

3) Make the planning fun

4) Ensure your brand speaks for itself & reflects who you are

5) Take time to relax

Life is too short.  Take a moment to breathe!

SERVICES:  Graphic Design, Web Design, Photo Repair, Video Editing, Voice Over

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